China opens door to health collaboration

AMA president Dr Steve Hambleton and World Medical Association (WMA) chairman Dr Mukesh Haikerwal were two of some 500 delegates who attended the 2013 Medical Science Conference of the Chinese Medical Association (CMA) at the China National Convention Centre, in Beijing’s Chaoyang district.

Both Dr Haikerwal and Dr Hambleton said they were surprised at the openness of the Chinese in exposing their healthcare challenges.

“China was quite candid about its health problems and is trying to reorganise the system. They are looking for international support in that endeavour,” Dr Hambleton said.

The event marks the main business meeting of the CMA for the year and where they set policy direction and discuss issues facing the health care system.

Dr Haikerwal said one of the main themes of the conference was about China being “open in their difficulties,” which he said included overcrowded hospitals and poor access to