Digital probe discipline for podiatrist

A TASMANIAN podiatrist suspended for giving a patient a rectal examination will be eligible to re-register in weeks, after the state's Health Practitioners Tribunal handed down a three-year ban backdated to the time the offence occurred.

In delivering the ban on 29 September, the tribunal found there was no need to further penalise Mr Terence Williams for the 2011 offence, given the Tasmanian Supreme Court last year convicted him of aggravated sexual assault over the same incident.

Mr Williams inserted his ungloved finger or fingers into the 30-year-old female patient's anus after she had complained of pain in her right foot. 

The tribunal found that while Mr Williams' actions were deliberate and clinically illegitimate, he was not motivated by sexual gratification but by "inexperience and poor judgment".

During the 2013 trial, Mr