Doctor weaves work stress into write stuff

MANY GPs address their frustrations by complaining about their difficult patients. 

However, Dr Hilton Koppe, a GP from Lennox Head, NSW, puts pen to paper.

He discovered this effective way of de-stressing after a particularly upsetting encounter in which a patient sent him a complaint about her treatment in the form of a poem. 

Dr Koppe eyed the glass of red wine on the table – his normal coping mechanism – but instead chose to respond in verse.

“There wouldn’t have been enough red wine in the world to deal with what I was feeling – I was so upset and agitated and didn’t know what to do with these emotions bubbling around inside of me,” he says.

“So I just wrote what I felt, and it was most helpful. It helped me to see my own role in my emotional response, rather than just blaming the other person.”

Although he has always been an avid reader, Dr