Doctors’ concert is a thrill for players too

FOR most members of the Australian Doctors Orchestra, the annual concert is far more than a rare opportunity to play with a large group of musicians. 

For Penrith GP Dr Adrian Sheen, the orchestra offers the discipline and enjoyment of regular practice, the anticipation and build-up to each performance and a regular musical outlet to complement a career in medicine.

This year’s performance by the orchestra, set to take place at Sydney’s Town Hall on 18 September, will feature 160 doctors and future doctors. Of the 198 applications to take part in the event, 46 were from medical students, the bulk of whom have been offered the chance to play. 

Dr Sheen, one of the more experienced doctors and orchestra members to secure a place this year, will once again be contributing on trombone despite also being a keen pianist.

“There are more pianists than there are trombonists… I think there are only about three of