Drugs of addiction: tribunal reprimands GP

The case of a GP who inappropriately prescribed drugs of addiction to known drug addicts has led medical defence organisations to remind GPs to be vigilant when prescribing S4 and S8 drugs. 

The Medical Tribunal of NSW heard that between December 2005 and June 2008 Dr Chi-Quan Benjamin Ly inappropriately prescribed drugs of addiction to patients he knew to be on a methadone program.

In giving expert evidence, GP Dr Marcela Cox said Dr Ly appeared to have been genuinely trying to help his patients, but tended to be “somewhat gullible”.

“The practitioner was well-intentioned, but pliable drug-dependent patients are often credible and manipulative,” Dr Cox said.

Dr Ly was ordered not to prescribe, supply or administer restricted substances and drugs of addiction, and will be required to submit audits of his practice and meet regularly with an approved mentor for two years.

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