Drugs and alcohol depleting Russian people

IF YOU think men in Australia have poor health outcomes, spare a thought for Russian men. This cohort is in serious trouble. Not only is the Russian population dropping, but life expectancy for men in Russia is a shocking 62 years.

Since 2002 the Russian population has fallen by 2.2 million to 142 million. 

The demographic future is even bleaker. It predicts that the Russian population will decline to 120 million in 20–30 years.

The proportion of men has dropped to 46.3% of the population. This means there are 10.5 million more women in Russia than men. Perhaps it explains the thriving Internet market in Russian brides relocating to friendlier climes. World War II caused a terrible loss of males. Some 27 million perished between 1941 and 1945.

Russia’s population crisis sets it apart from most of Europe, where populations have been stable for two decades. Its population reached about 148 million in 1990, but has declined