Embracing change key to success

THE key to a successful career in general practice nursing is to embrace change, according to Liz Griffin.

And, although Liz has embraced the change in the duties of a practice nurse, she has not changed her job at the Alstonville Clinic in New South Wales for 29 years.

Possibly the longest-serving practice nurse in Australia, Liz has been at the forefront of the evolution of the role of practice nurse.

Change, she says, is a good thing. 

“I’m not frightened of change. I’ve always been extremely open to what practice nursing can offer.”

Having been convinced by the local GPs to make the shift from heading up the surgical floor at the nearby St Vincent’s Hospital to general practice, Liz started life at the clinic being a nurse in the morning and a receptionist in the afternoon.

“I hated being in reception and wanted to show doctors what nurses could do to save them time. All