Fate of nurse who gave dose of detergent

Bhavesh Shah became a registered nurse at the Sydney Adventist Hospital in 2009 after completing a bachelor of nursing degree at the University of Western Sydney.

On 25 May, soon after starting the job, Mr Shah gave a 79-year-old patient who had recently undergone a hip replacement a green liquid from a bottle marked “Cardizem (diltiazem) Capsules 180mg p.o. daily”. 

The liquid was Morning Fresh dish detergent, which the patient was in the habit of using at home to clean his dentures.

Following a complaint to his supervisors about the administration of the detergent and concerns about his English ability, conditions were imposed on his registration.

The then NSW Nurses and Midwives Board ordered that he could dispense medication only under the strict supervision of a registered nurse and must notify any employers of the condition.

But ultimately he was struck off in 2013 after six failed attempts to pass the