Floods close GP doors for months

Hinkler Family Practice director David McDougall said his surgery, located in the Hinkler Central shopping centre, had to be completely stripped including patient files and vaccines as the entire mall became mired in muddy water more than a metre deep.

He told MO they had up to 250 patients per day with no medical centre to attend during the natural disaster. The practice has temporarily moved into the Branyan GP Super Clinic in west Bundaberg. 

“The shopping centre will be closed for at least six months; everything has to be removed from the medical centre… Gyprock walls up to a height of 2.3 metres, all the wall cavities cleaned and decontaminated,” he said.

To make matters worse, Mr McDougall has since found out that he was not insured for flood damage by his insurer Vero, a branch of Suncorp.

“We understood that the law was changed post-2011 to include flood in all insurances unless you opted out.