GP artist draws inspiration from animals

MELBOURNE GP Dr Craig Hilton has a cartoon persona as a rat. 

Created some 10 years ago, Doc Rat now appears in a daily cartoon strip, along with his animal staff and their intriguing patients. Their adventures are published on Dr Hilton’s website.

“I’ve always enjoyed drawing,” says 51-year-old Dr Hilton, who balances his time as a GP to accommodate this creative outlet. 

“I guess I was good at it too and had some aptitude. I was self-taught, reading every single book in the school library about how to draw, and I took special art classes in high school. I’ve always drawn from my imagination.” 

Despite his talent, he decided against pursuing an artistic career in favour of a “stable professional career”.

He graduated from the University of Western Australia in 1983 and simultaneously became an avid collector of anthropomorphic cartoons mainly produced in the