GP guilty of sex assault

Das Vithal Balgi violated his patient's trust when he led her to believe he was performing a legitimate medical examination, only to sexually assault her on his consultation bed.

Wollongong District Court heard the assault was part of a series of bizarre behaviours from the 71-year-old doctor, which included him telling her she was attractive, hounding her with calls and text messages, and inviting her to his home.

On Tuesday a jury of nine men and three women convicted Balgi of one count of aggravated sexual assault, finding him guilty of stimulating his patient's clitoris for no proper medical reason.

In doing so, they disregarded Balgi's claim he took the unusual step after she clamped down on his finger with her vaginal muscles, aggravating an injury to his shoulder.

They found him not guilty of another two counts of aggravated sexual assault relating to Balgi inserting his finger into the woman's vagina.

During the trial