GP to pay $90k costs, loses prescribing rights

Dr Christopher Alroe was required under a condition of his registration to seek the approval from the state’s Drugs of Dependence Unit (DDU).

He admitted exceeding his authority from the DDU to prescribe methadone for one patient, CI, until 2 August 2010, by writing five scripts after that date.

Dr Alroe informed the DDU of the prescribing, however, as shown by a conversation file note, an email and DDU file notes.

Some months later, he overstepped his authority to prescribe oxycodone to patient DL from 1 to 12 December 2010, making out two more scripts on 15 and 20 December.

“Relying on the DDU’s lack of action [over the scripts for CI], Dr Alroe formed the view that he could continue to prescribe to DL provided he continue to disclose his prescribing to the DDU,” according to charges prosecuted in the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

Dr Alroe had sent emails to the DDU on each date outside