GP playwright takes on WikiLeaks

THE man behind WikiLeaks may hold his own concerns about it, but Melbourne GP and playwright Dr Ron Elisha hopes his latest play will stir as much public interest as its subject and hopefully even land on Broadway.

Stainless Steel Rat, billed as the worlds first ‘wikiplay’, explores the issue of privacy and the saga of Julian Assange, who now faces charges of sexual assault and possibly treason. 

Set in a world where Mr Assange himself has helped redraw the traditional lines of censorship and secrecy, the script  is built on material and information sourced entirely from the Web.

Though Dr Elisha described the work as a “warts and all” black comedy, it has a serious message at its heart, he told MO.

“What got me interested was the conflict of interests and rights – there were all these sorts of collisions of the rights of governments to have some sort of secrecy and privacy and the rights