GP sexually stimulated patient to ‘relax’ her

The doctor, Das Vithal Balgi, is accused of assaulting the woman during a 12 March 2012 consultation at Dapto Medical Centre.

Police arrested Dr Balgi on 15 October 2012 after the woman agreed to meet him and, aided by Lake Illawarra police, recorded their conversation.

In a recording of a subsequent police interview, played to Wollongong District Court last week, the 71-year-old Dr Balgi is heard telling police the woman had become "obsessed" with the question of whether her internal parts had prolapsed, and whether this could be the cause for her husband seeming to lose interest in sex.

Dr Balgi admitted stimulating the woman's clitoris after he attempted an internal examination and found he could "barely put one finger inside" because the woman was so "anxious".

"I thought that's the way I can actually get an examination going. You need at least two fingers to do a proper examination," Dr Balgi said.

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