GP used pethidine for hair removal avoids deregistration

Sydney-based Dr Albina Della Bruna was reprimanded and found guilty of professional misconduct and unsatisfactory professional misconduct by the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal, following several complaints brought by the the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission that included her use of pethidine which she did not account for in her drug register and improperly prescribed and/or administered.

After a stint in part-time general practice followed by five years working in hospitals, Dr Della Bruna switched her focus to cosmetic medicine in 2004. 

She said she learned on the job from Dr Adrianna Scheibner - who ran a practice in Double Bay called Eternally Young to use pethidine when performing laser hair removal. 

However, the tribunal noted there were references in material before it to Dr Della Bruna having come to the attention of the Pharmaceutical Services Unit (PSU) in late 2001 during an