GPs trust divisions most for info during pandemic

DIVISIONS of General Practice are the most trusted source of information during pandemics, a new study has revealed.

The qualitative study, conducted by researchers from the Melbourne East GP Network and Australian National University, found that GPs and practice nurses looked to state health authorities and divisions of general practice for support and information during a flu pandemic.

Professional bodies such as the AMA and RACGP were not seen to have a particular role in providing information or support at this time.

GPs and practice nurses, however, recognised the need for better coordination of information with state health departments to ensure practices were not inundated with alerts and updates.

“I guess we want some coordinated support in that we don’t want 10 faxes a week overlapping,” one GP respondent said.

“I guess the point is it needs to be coordinated and relevant to the local area.&rdquo