Groundswell of support for retired GPs to retain rights

EFFORTS by retired doctors to maintain their prescribing and referral rights have won the backing of MO readers, with an online survey indicating strong support for the campaign.

The MO survey showed two-thirds of the 266 respondents who have voted so far believed retired doctors should keep full rights. 

An additional 9% said retired doctors should retain at least limited prescribing rights, while 15% said these doctors should be able to prescribe and refer for a limited period (for example, five years after they retire). 

Just 10% opposed any retention of rights for this group. 

Prescribing and referral rights for retired doctors were withdrawn last year by the Medical Board of Australia.

AMA Queensland’s Retired Doctors Working Party has begun campaigning against the controversial decision, and its chair, retired consultant physician Dr Frank Johnson, said he was encouraged by the support.