Half of doctors reject RACGP advice on PSA tests

MORE than half of GPs surveyed in an MO poll on PSA testing support routine screening from age 40 or from age 50.

The survey of 152 GPs, conducted by GPReach,  found just 4% supported “no screening” – the RACGP’s position.

Asked what they believed was the best approach based on the evidence, 55% supported routine PSA screening, although views differed on the appropriate starting age.

The strongest support (35%) was for routine screening from age 50. The poll found routine screening from the age of 40 garnered 20% support.  

Opportunistic screening from age 40 and from age 50 were also each supported by 20% of respondents.

The GPs were also asked whether they agreed with the “RACGP’s opposition to routine PSA testing or do you agree with the [Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia’s (RCPA)] advice to offer screening from age 40?”