Health watchdog needs more teeth: Friends of Science in Medicine

The president of the group, Professor John Dwyer, told MO that frauds and cranks could prey on sick people without redress, as the HCCC either was not empowered to shut them down or did not use powers it had. 

“Our concerns are about the lack of protection for consumers,” he said.  

Registered health practitioners who support self-proclaimed healers providing health services and advice that is not science-based should be reported to their national boards, he said.

The HCCC needed “more teeth” to advance consumers’ complaints about practitioners of “pseudo science” and doctors who referred patients to them.

Professor Dwyer said he was aware of serious complaints made to the HCCC about doctors in the Lismore area who had allegedly referred patients to Universal Medicine, a purported New Age healing and spiritual group in northern NSW.

He said he was “appalled&rdquo