Innovative nurse meets like minds

A Tasmanian practice nurse who developed an innovative method of wound management  has furthered her knowledge at a leading international institute.

Beverley (known as Lea) Young, who works at Risdon Vale Community Health Centre near Hobart, attended the Oxford-European Wound Healing Summer School at Oxford University in August.

Lea funded her trip using the $5000 prize money she won for innovation in nursing in general practice at the APNA 2009 awards.

She won the award for developing a wound care assessment chart after she realised inconsistencies in wound documentation resulted in poor patient outcomes. 

Specialists and nurses from around the world attended the four-day wound healing conference.

Ms Young said it was interesting to hear healthcare professionals in the developing world talk about how they manage wounds.

“One of the doctors was working in India with lymphoedema,” she said. &ldquo