Insider reveals DePuy hip replacement defects

In an interview with the ABC's Four Corners program, consultant orthopaedic surgeon Mr Antoni Nargol, who worked with DePuy to audit the progress of the device in his patients, alleged that the company, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, had failed to manufacture it to the correct specifications. 

DePuy announced a worldwide recall of the device in 2010, after national joint replacement registries in Australia and the UK recorded higher than average revision rates.

According to Mr Nargol, DePuy were made aware of the specification errors in 2006 but failed to take action. 

Orthopaedic registrar, Mr David Langton, who carried out detailed measurements on the devices that had been removed from patients after they failed, said that between 20 and 40% of the ASR devices he had tested appeared to have been manufactured outside their advertised specification.

“There was an advertised dimension of the head and the cup