It takes more than smarts to be a good GP

Dr Caroline Rogers
GP, Brookvale, NSW

Since 8 October, application letters and CVs have arrived, each one seemingly more intelligent, accomplished and experienced than the last. They’re from a candidate who speaks three languages fluently — one already involved in an innovative program in which residents teach medical students — and another who is on the board of several humanitarian committees.

The lowest ATAR I have so far is 98.7. Each is keen to become involved in general practice, inspired by the holistic nature of primary care and the “broad range” of experience of my practice. I feel humbled as I read them. My life is so mundane. How have I achieved so little? How to choose?

I cannot help wonder if we have made a mistake here and set ourselves up for a crisis of retention in general practice.

Don’t get me wrong. I love my job. I love the people