The key to being versatile

My rule is to give any musical instrument a try rather than being booed off stage in Czech accents. Five hundred of them.

Unlikely scenario? For the lesser GP, maybe, but this is just my sort of crisis. For, in my GP band, I am known as the Versatile One. Well, not ‘known as’, so much as ‘once referred to as’, by a band member in an email… I just highlighted it and added the capitals. 

The Versatile One gives any instrument a go. The Versatile One has only seen a Steirische accordion on Wikipedia, but hey, how hard could it be? 

The Versatile One is not very good at playing any one thing, so they won’t give him any real band title like ‘lead guitarist’.

The good thing about the Steirische is that the right hand does all the fiddly bits. The left hand just plonks out one note at a time, which pretty much encapsulates my keyboard style anyway, which is why they also won’t