Lazy days on the Reef

“PUMPKIN Island? Where’s that? Are you sure you’ve got the name right?”

My friends are extremely dubious, insisting there’s no such island along the Great Barrier Reef. With a name like that they’d remember it, they assure me.

Wayne Rumble and Laureth Craggs, who operate the island’s small resort, confirm many people haven’t heard of it. They’re happy about this. “It makes it more of a hideaway,” explains Craggs. “So long as we get enough people we won’t complain.”

A 6.1 ha pinprick on Queensland’s Capricorn Coast, Pumpkin Island is 14 km from Yeppoon (where guests are collected by ferry) and the same distance from Great Keppel Island.

One of explorer James Cook’s sailors told his boss in 1770 that the isle off which they were anchored resembled a pumpkin. Amused, Cook named it Pumpkin Island. Then, at low tide, crewmen saw the isle Cook had