Live vasectomies today in Adelaide

The event will be live streamed online today as part of both the Adelaide Film Festival and Adelaide Festival of Ideas at which a documentary – The Vasectomist – centred on the work of US urologist Dr Doug Stein will be premiered.

Dr Stein, who will be performing some of the procedures live today in three separate sessions along with Melbourne GP Dr Nick Demediuk, told MO his mission was to help reduce unplanned pregnancies, particularly in families who were “content with the number of children they already had”.

“Ask yourself – how many times have I had a couple come in that their kids are aged nine, 11, 13 and 3 months old?”, Dr Stein said.

After practising as a urologist for 17 years, during which he completed a “smattering of vasectomies”, he came to the realisation that there was a large population in need of the service but with limited  access due to geography or financial