Meat a paradox for carnivores, study finds

Researchers at the University of Queensland’s School of Psychology have examined the mental processes they say allow people to overcome the “meat paradox”.

"Meat is central to most people's diets and a focus of culinary enjoyment, yet most people also like animals and are disturbed by harm done to them, therefore creating a 'meat paradox',” Dr Brock Bastian (PhD) said.
“People's concern for animal welfare conflicts with their culinary behaviour.
“Our studies show that this motivates people to deny minds to animals.”

The researchers found when people were reminded of the harm caused by meat-eating, they viewed food-related animals as possessing fewer mental capacities compared to when they were not reminded.

Denial of mind to a food-related animal was especially evident when people expected to eat meat in the near future.

It was also a driver for