‘Murky’ pharma payments in flu vax trial

Sanofi, whose products Intanza and Vaxigrip are being used in the Queensland Pharmacist Immunisation Pilot (QPIP), has admitted providing financial support to the Terry White Group of pharmacies to train staff about influenza vaccination in 2013 and this year.

“The financial support was used to cover costs associated with providing continuing educational training in relation to influenza and the role of vaccination in preventing infection,” said a Sanofi spokesperson.

“The training also included advice on recognising adverse events following immunisation, and how they may be treated, and cold chain procedures for storing vaccines in the pharmacy.

“Sanofi Pasteur did not have an exclusivity agreement with the Terry White Group of pharmacies. In fact, all products were discussed in the training, including companion products in the vitamin and OTC health range to ensure a holistic approach to patient care.”