From music to medicine and back

CHOOSING between passions can be extremely difficult. Since he began playing piano at the age of six, Dr Nevin Vladica, a Greek-Armenian migrant from Iran who came to Australia as a teenager, had a passion for the instrument.

He played in countless performances, participated in scores of competitions and was studying at the Sydney Conservatorium when at the age of 18 he decided to make a switch, temporarily abandoning piano to enrol in medical school at the University of New South Wales.

“I made up my mind in the sixth form that I needed a new challenge. I wanted to expand my horizons and change direction. I specifically remember my feelings at the time,” Dr Vladica says. 

“First-year medical school was all new and didn’t build on my pre-existing knowledge. It was a steep learning curve. Medicine was so hard that music took the back seat for several years.”

Dr Vladica graduated in 1983 and went to live in