Nitschke targeted by scammers

The organisation Dr Nitschke founded, Exit International, this week issued a scam alert for a Facebook page called ‘Buy Nembutal Pentobarbital’, which uses the prominent advocate’s image, and claims to ship Nembutal in powder and liquid form worldwide.

Exit said the page represented “extraordinary identity theft” and “character assassination” and was intended to fool potential buyers of the pentobarbital.

Speaking to MO from Zurich, Dr Nitschke said the website and others like it were damaging to him professionally.

“It depicts me as basically an international criminal,” he said.

Dr Nitschke denied selling the drug, which is illegal in Australia and is commonly used in assisted suicide. He has previously said the only legal way to procure Nembutal is to travel overseas.

The Facebook page is linked to a website that now appears defunct — &mdash