Oncologist-impersonating nurse struck off

The WA State Administrative Tribunal found enrolled nurse Lisa Guildford-Taylor guilty of professional misconduct, saying her behaviour was “fraudulent, misleading and deceptive and directed to fellow health practitioners” with the aim of using a medical device to inject herself with drugs. 

“She used medical knowledge, language and terminology in a calculated manner to mislead [a colorectal surgeon] into thinking that she was a medical practitioner seeking an urgent procedure for his or her patient,” the tribunal said.

“Ms Guildford-Taylor must also have been aware that her conduct would potentially compromise fellow health practitioners,” it continued, adding that there was no clinical justification for the insertion of the device.

In a case described as “bizarre and disturbing”, Ms Guildford-Taylor left text messages on the phone of colorectal surgeon Dr Gregory Makin in mid-November 2012,