One in four Australians at risk of OSA

Australian researchers used the so-called STOP-BANG questionnaire to detect risk of OSA among more than 3000 people aged over 15.

The instrument includes questions about sleep (STOP) covering loud snoring, sleepiness during the day, observed apnoeas and high blood pressure.

Other risk factors (BANG) comprised BMI, age older than 50 years, neck circumference, and male gender.

They found 835 of participants were at high risk of OSA, with lower levels of education, lower income and living outside of metropolitan areas being associated with greater risk.

Some 57% of men were at high risk, researchers said.

“Previous Australian research has found that 6% of the population report seeing their doctor for sleep apnoea or snoring, while only 2% report treatment for these conditions,” Professor Robert Adams, Professor of Medicine, University of Adelaide, said.

“To reduce the rate of undiagnosed [and untreated