Pharmacist suspended for selling to drug runners

The Pharmacy Board of Australia prosecuted Jason Arash Tavakol after a sting by Queensland Health officials, who went unchallenged when they bought 11 packets of pseudoephedrine products from his pharmacy at Wynnum during a 16-day period in 2010.

Authorities had been alerted by the Project STOP electronic database, which identified the Terry White Chemists Wynnum Plaza pharmacy as the number one seller of pseudoephedrine on its database in all of Australia.  

Mr Tavakol, the owner of the store, was working there only infrequently during the relevant period, leaving his then wife pharmacist Sarah Naghdi in charge, the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal was told.

When the Queensland Health officials made their pseudoephedrine purchases in 2010, they were not questioned or counselled about the use of the products as required, though the tribunal noted Mr Tavakol did not make the sales.

A Queensland Health inspection then found