Pharmacy audit finds serious flaws

Calls for a government inquiry are intensifying after a report of the Australian National Audit Office on the Fifth Community Pharmacy Agreement found “persistent shortcomings” in departmental record-keeping, and that millions of dollars in taxpayer funds had been reallocated without the approval of the health minister.

“Without basic information about costs, deliverables or KPIs for [Fifth Community Pharmacy Agreement] programs and activities, it is difficult for stakeholders, including the parliament, to form an overall view of what the 5CPA has actually delivered,” the report said.

Tabled in parliament yesterday, the damaging report comes at a critical time for the Pharmacy Guild, which is currently negotiating the next of its five-year Community Pharmacy Agreements, with the current one set to expire on 30 June.

The health department is under fire for not keeping a formal record of its meetings and discussions with the