Pharmacy Guild offers vax training

With the first three classes of 20 participants each fully booked and candidates signing on for next year, interest in the nationally accredited program has been strong.

“We are running one course a month until the regulations change in NSW and then we are looking to put more courses on to meet the demand we may have,” said NSW branch training manager Aaron Barber.

The guild expected commercial immunisation at pharmacies would have the green light before next year’s flu season, he said.

Candidates for the course must be registered pharmacists with training in first-aid and anaphylaxis, and must also be qualified in CPR if their first-aid certificate is more than a year old.

The first group of trainees got started on 16 August.

Mr Barber said the course’s first component took about 44 hours, with participants learning from videos, completing assessments and studying an immunisation handbook.