Practice breakups can be just as hard as romantic ones

A qualitative study, based on in-depth interviews with 21 GPs and one secretary who experienced a practice breakup, found feelings of failure and suffering are common among all parties in the aftermath of a breakup, particularly for the partner who leaves.

Researchers at the Université Claude Bernard Lyon found most general practice breakups were the result of feelings of loneliness and suffering at work, “which were often present long before the breakup and tended to increase over time”. 

“The breakup process was rarely smooth, illustrating that partnerships, like marriages, can be in hell rather than in heaven,” the researchers wrote. 

“Most of the GPs who left group practices were very satisfied afterwards and felt that the transition had been successful. However, the feeling of failure persisted sometimes for years after the breakup, especially in case of a lawsuit and in the event of a trial.