Practice tips - Maximising the MBS for wound care helps reduce cost

PRACTICE nurses can find it hard to justify the cost of expensive chronic wound dressings. But Val McKenzie from Anson Medical Centre in Orange, NSW, says this can be more than adequately covered using all the appropriate MBS items.

The practice uses a protocol that includes initial wound assessment, patient history, digital wound photography, dressing selections and a GP management plan (item 721). 

The team also considers if the patient would benefit from team care arrangements (item 723) and uses item 10997 – monitoring and support for people with a chronic disease, up to five patient services a year.

MBS item 10996 for wound management is charged plus the relevant item number if seen by the GP. The practice also recalls for GPMP/TCA reviews (item 732) on a six-monthly basis. 

Val says appropriate use of MBS items not only helps the practice but should lead to better health outcomes for the patients.