Roll up to the ‘greatest’ show in town

It runs to the same timeline and framework that it has followed for nearly 100 years: ones that have worked for four generations.

The Dunedoo Show has a Patron, and then a second Patron, a President and a Vice President. There’s the Treasurer and Secretary and Honorary Veterinarian, a Publicity Officer, Ground Staff, Life Members and then The Committee. I’m not on the committee but I appreciate what they do.

It’s a huge event with not much missing. The Bowman Pavilion heralds pumpkins, carrots and other garden produce. There are 37 categories in the garden produce section with very clear distinctions: Watermelon number 23. Melon 34. Biggest potato 35. Any other vegetable not mentioned 36. Biggest marrow 37. The Pavilion calls forth brown eggs and white eggs; jams and preserves (what’s the difference? Ohhh – a lot!); needlework; handicrafts (and perhaps