Rural practice a family-friendly move

JUNIOR female GPs have been urged to consider working in rural Australia as a family-friendly alternative.

WA-based GP Dr Rebekah Adams, herself a young mother, will next week address delegates at the 11th National Rural Health Conference in Perth on the issue of young female GPs delaying their plans to start a family in order to build a career in general practice.

According to Dr Adams, while it may not be “the norm yet”, some rural Australian towns were leading the way in providing well-supported, flexible practices for young mothers. 

“I had basically been told in capital cities not to have a child yet and that there would be no part-time work for me,” she said of her own experience prior to working as a GP – while a young mother – in rural South Australia. 

“[However, the rural practice I spoke with] said, ‘Sure – that means we will get you for twice as long’.”