Sexting GP disqualified for sexual relationship with patient

In his written evidence to the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal, Dr Joseph Steven Chiappalone claimed he had rejected the woman’s advances and had been physically incapable of sexual activity. 

But Judge Anthony Rafter SC said he was satisfied the former patient’s account was truthful and a number of text messages between the pair clearly supported the existence of an intimate sexual relationship.

After their first sexual encounter, Dr Chiappalone sent a text message saying, “For me there was no anticipation of what occurred, but the unanticipated accomplishment was delightful beyond description.”

Later that morning he sent another text saying, “Where is the band playing today? My baton is on the ready!” The next day he wrote: “I thought we related extremely well, as I remarked last nite (sic), after intimacy.”

Judge Rafter said the doctor’s explanation of the multiple