Short attention span for new ADHD criteria

I HAVE a confession to make. It seems I have had ADHD all my life without knowing it. I am therefore indebted to the people working on the DSM 5 who have proposed broadening the criteria to ensure that people like me do not miss out.

I do not like reading instruction manuals. Every time I have bought a new car it has come with a thick instruction manual and I haven’t read a single one. Neither have I read instruction manuals for the DVD player we bought three years ago.

In addition to this, a few years ago, I quit a part-time job at a Perth hospital where I had done some medico-legal reports on and off for almost 20 years. I did this after some new officious administrator decided that I needed micro managing.

Wait – it gets worse! 

I have been known on some occasions to impulsively buy a biscuit to have with a coffee when I meet with people. And, as a kid, I sometimes picked a toy off the supermarket shelf when shopping