Sterile gloves no better for wound management

Switching from the sterile gloves could also save practices $1.05 per pair and offer a safe, cost-effective alternative for general practice in Australia, as well as in developing countries, the James Cook University researchers said.

After randomising 478 Mackay primary care clinic patients into either a sterile gloves group or a non-sterile, boxed-gloves group, the researchers found that infection rates at the time of suture removal were similar in both (9.3% v 8.7% respectively).

“In regard to wound infection, non-sterile clean boxed gloves are not inferior to sterile gloves for minor skin excisions in general practice,” the authors wrote.

“I think doctors can now make a choice on which type of gloves they use based on evidence,” lead researcher Dr Clare Heal said.

Dr Heal, associate professor of general practice and rural medicine at James Cook University, noted that conflicting guideline recommendations may