Study finds low rates of fertility awareness among women

WOMEN think they are knowledgeable about their own fertility but very few actually are, according to a Victorian study.

Presented at the APNA Roadmap for the Future conference, figures showed while 29% of women believed they were aware of the fertile time in their cycle, just 2% actually had good knowledge.

The study, carried out in three general practices in rural, outer and inner metropolitan Victoria, showed 38% said they had no knowledge and 48% poor knowledge of their fertile period.

Of the 328 participants, 10% were attempting conception and 5% using fertility awareness methods of contraception, either alone of with a condom.

Natural methods included the rhythm method, temperature method and mucus method.

A total of 28% of participants had actively sought to improve their fertility awareness from other services, such as the Internet, books, the GP and friends.

Study author Kerry Hampton, a PhD candidate at