Summer reading - Story 3

I WAS born after the meta ocular pandemic. My mother was pregnant with me when she caught the virus, but she declined to abort me and I was born with no eyes. 

I don’t know if it was love or guilt that made her search for a cure, but she took me to Dr Nage at the ANU bioprosthetics department when I was only two months old. He was a leading researcher into neural plasticity, and had been experimenting with blind patients using a small electric stimulator on their tongue which “projected” an image from a head-mounted camera. Using this he had been able to help some blind people navigate. 

It was never going to be an option for me as I was so small, and my tongue was even smaller. My mother convinced him to help me. 

After signing the legal forms they made me a vest. It was skin tight and it had 256 small electrical stimulators sown into it in a grid that covered my back. It was connected to a small waterproof camera on