Swallowing pills made easier

German researchers identified which tablets and capsules were the most difficult to swallow for 151 study participants (55.5% of whom had trouble swallowing) and then had the patients rate the experience again after using the “lean-forward” and “pop-bottle” methods.

They found that both techniques, which involved swallowing 20mls of water, were “remarkably effective” and recommended their use both for patients who had difficulty swallowing and those who did not.

Swallowing a capsule while standing upright with the head bent towards the chest (the lean-forward technique), was found by almost 90% of the participants to be an improvement.

None of the participants experienced lodging in the throat, nor did they report being bothered by swallowing the capsule while using this method.

The authors called the lean-forward technique “remarkably effective even in patients experiencing the severest