Teams attempt to tackle obesity

GPs often lack enough time to manage this problem, so a Canadian clinic has tried an interdisciplinary approach.

Patients were examined and provided with education on nutrition. They then had regular follow-up with the team and were  encouraged to visit the clinic weekly to check their weight.

The outcomes were assessed in 2739 patients with an average weight of 112kg. Their mean BMI was 40.6kg/m2.

Patients who attended for at least six months lost an average of 5.4kg, equivalent of 4.3% of their body weight.


The average weight loss for the whole study sample was only 2.5kg. A weight loss equivalent to 5% of body weight is considered significant, but only 17% of the patients achieved this. While 47% of the participants who attended for six months reached this target, only 289 stayed in the study that long. Whether the weight loss was maintained is unknown.

It is clear that patients who