A true blue fish tale - Interview with Dr Lindsay Sherriff, Kerang, Victoria

Dr Lindsay Sherriff: WELL, we had a fairly eventful, challenging time on Easter Friday [2001] here in Kerang and it’s just come to the fore again because an article on the fish story has just been published in the British Medical Journal because the Bendigo anaesthetic department decided it should be written up.

They told me we should write it up years ago, but we never got around to it, so I’m glad someone picked it up, just for the interest.

Easter Friday and it was in the evening. It’s a very nice place around here to go fishing, and we’ve got a lot of lakes and waterways and so a lot of people come up here over Easter to go fishing.

One group of lads was fishing over in Barham, which is a nearby town off the Murray.

They had a successful catch and were celebrating their catch and giving the ‘Rex Hunt kiss’ to the fish. As they went to give it the