TV portrayal of IMGs offends doctors’ groups

DOCTORS’ groups have expressed outrage at a recent television report that they say unfairly demonised international medical graduates (IMGs) working in Australia.

The report, titled ‘ACA Health Investigation’, aired last week on Channel Nine’s A Current Affair and was immediately slammed by the RACGP, Australian Doctors Trained Overseas Association (ADTOA) and the AMA. 

Doctors’ groups argued that the segment, which repeatedly referred to the failings of “foreign doctors”, did not accurately portray the vital role IMGs played in the medical workforce.

While sympathising with the traumatic experiences of those in the piece, ADTOA president Dr Viney Joshi said singling out IMGs was inappropriate. 

“[A Current Affair] should look at the recent article in the MJA showing the incidence of complaints against IMGs is much lower compared to Australian-trained doctors,” he saidThe