Ultramodern casino chic

The rooms echo this look. My Luxe King room on the 10th floor is a spacious chamber with tasteful contemporary furnishings. There’s a king-sized bed attached to a long timber ledge, with two big bedside lamps suspended above. By the window is a solid desk with its own piece of intriguing abstract art, and a rectangular chaise longue with a sweeping view of Southbank and the Melbourne CBD.

The bathroom is an ultramodern confection of glass, tile and timber with a counter open to the main room, keeping the area from feeling cramped.

Crown Metropol is an easy walk from the casino with its surrounding shops and restaurants, and daytime distractions such as the Polly Woodside sailing ship which acts as a maritime museum.

Across the Yarra River, the Melbourne CBD offers numerous opportunities for shopping, dining and other