Waiting for a challenge

  • Registrars missing out crucial patient experiences
  • Studies show registrars treating disproportionate amount of acute and new patients
  • Registrars need to look closely at workload to identify any training gaps
  • Range of approaches can be used to fill training gaps

Too many young patients, too many new patients or just those with minor ailments. Too often, it seems GP registrars are seeing a limited range of patients, and miss out on crucial exposure to chronic and complex illnesses. 

Short rotations and a lack of awareness are among the causes of the imbalance, according to initial findings from the Regi­strar Clinical Encounters in Training (ReCEnT) study, which compared case loads of 33 registrars with those of fully quali­fied GPs. 

Yet while the training gaps are a concern, the findings give registrars a valuable tool to help redress the balance and boost exposure in any areas left wanting.