Why go on holiday if you can upgrade at home?

WHEN I first took over a solo practice in 1987, I enjoyed three to four weeks of leave annually.

In the past five years, even though my gross income has kept parity, and despite the fact that I now work with an associate (obviating the need for a locum), annual leave has dropped to one dismal week.


Could it be that my gradual decline into curmudgeonhood has deprived even leisure of its attractions? Is it my overweaning concern for patient continuity? Or is it the 5 am starts that I can’t bear to be without? 

The answer to each of these questions is a resounding ‘NO’!

A recent analysis of the data from the BEACH study, carried out by researchers at Sydney University, compared the performance of computerised practices with the pen-and-paper variety.

Using 34 quality indicators, including consultation times, the number of conditions managed, referral rates and ongoing management, the